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Flotender Ultraviolet Sterilizer

Bacterial Control for Greywater Irrigation Systems.

The Flotender ultraviolet sterilizer provides ultraviolet filtration for both immediate and timed Flotender greywater irrigation systems.

To drip irrigation distribution tubing

Secondary Filter

The Flotender ultraviolet sterilizer is plumbed in-line immediately after the Flotender secondary filter. The ultraviolet sterilizer is mounted on a stainless-steel riser system which allows for convenient access to the sterilizer for occasional service.

Flotender Ultraviolet Sterilizer

For GS, GL & GXL Series Systems
2" pipe connection
Price: $1,269.00
Model: UV-57

Lamp Strength: 57 watt
Power Requirements:
115v, 57 watt, 48A

Included Components:

1 - Ultraviolet Sterilizer
1 - Stainless Steel Riser Assembly

* All tubing and connection fittings included


Quartz Wiper

Quartz Indicator Cap


Effectively Controls Bacteria

UV sterilization is a proven technology for safely controlling bacteria and viruses along with reducing common water treatment chemicals like chlorine.

Destroys Microorganisms

Although most regional greywater reuse codes do not require microorganism filtration, some public-facing projects call for an extended degree of filtration. Ultraviolet filtration is very effective at inactivating microorganisms which may be present in the greywater.

Built-In Wiper

The built-in wiper allows for easy cleaning of the quartz sleeve to optimize ultraviolet transmission.

High Quality Quartz Sleeve

The ultraviolet sanitizer's quartz sleeve is constructed of hard quartz which allows for a 99.9% transmission rate.

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Custom Systems


Custom Systems


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