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Greywater Irrigation Systems from Filtrific


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Greywater Processor Lid Extensions

Extends the lid height to match the surrounding grade

The Flotender lid extensions provide an increased lid elevation to match the surrounding grade. Available in 6” increments, the lid extensions can be stacked to meet site grade requirements.


Lid extensions do not increase the size of the built-in greywater reservoir as the lid extensions are not designed to contain water.

GS Series Lid Extension

Price: $589.00
Model: XT6-40

Extension Height: 6" (stackable)

GL Series Lid Extension

Price: $739.00
Model: XT6-75

Extension Height: 6" (stackable)

GXL Series Lid Extension

Price: $1,189.00
Model: XT6-390

Extension Height: 6" (stackable)

Reinforced Stainless Steel Frame

Strong design provides solid support for the lid at extended elevations


Bolted when Stacked

Two end bolts join the lid extension to the Greywater Processor or to the prior lid extension


Debris Seal

Sealant tape is provided and when applied creates a debris-tight seal with the Greywater Processor

Secure & Stackable Design

The lid extension securely connects to the top of the Greywater Processor. Sealant tape is included to create a debris-tight seal between the Greywater Processor  and the lid extension. Multiple lid extensions can be connected in order to match the surrounding grade.




One extension provides a 6” rise

Two extensions provide a 12” rise

 Greywater Irrigation Systems

Custom Systems


Custom Systems


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